The author of this website was inspired by the spiritual events of Fatima Portugal and Lourdes France,
manifesting Immaculate Conception of the Feminine-Principle active in the total visible and non-visible universe.

' YouTube; The Gnostic WorldView '
' Live Your Truth. Do Not Seek, or Do Not Take Advantage of Each Other;
Always Seek Mutual Consent with One Another ...

True Goodwill, Good Karma; by and of itself is intrinsically Good ... '

The Future; Monarchs manage it; Sons of G-D Create it.
The union of a Soul with Spirit, in a Form ( flesh ); produces Consciousness
' The Son aspect '.

..." The Pleroma Most High Father IS Love "... " The Pleroma Most High Father Loves All Equally "...

The Prime Universal Law is very simple:
All beings are Sovereign and have free will to express their creative energies in any way they choose; no being has the right to violate and harm others.
-- by Cameron Day

See also Sophia (Gnosticism)   and   Sophia-Achamoth

Spirits are androgynous intelligent energy that dwells in the visible and nonvisible parts of the Multiverse.
Spirits can and do manifest themselves to Us and must be regarded, first of all, as;
"Masculine and Feminine" Principle.
" Feminine Principle " is a Nurturing-Preserving Force, and the " Masculine Principle " is a Creative Force;
the Feminine Principle works the same way within the Father and the Son.

" The Ascent of Mind and the Descent of Wisdom "

"... The culmination of the vision, the via imitationis or way of assimilation, transcends philosophy for mysticism or ecstasy. Since it involves contemplative imitation of the virtues of which the divine is the source, and since his only virtue is oneness, aloneness, tranquillity and absolute goodness, the via imitationis is the ascetic way, a purgative stripping away of all powers of soul and intellect a self-concentration into pure solitariness where no object of knowledge exists outside the knower. At this point, to know is not to know ..." ~John D. Turner, PhD

" Gnostic Antecedents of Jung’s Key Concepts "

" My Spiritual Bridal Chamber Enlightenment "

... a Sacred marriage ( Hieros Gamos ); a prerequisite to Soul Ascension ...

My Pleroma-Multiverse
My Multiverse

 I love all spirits;
any spirits; all of them have
a unique place, and a unique function to perform,
in the entire multiverse.

 Because of the good works;
see Fravashi-Spirit-Atman, Urvan as Soul,
see Atman-Self-Fravashi-Spirit.

 I believe that "The Middle" spirits ( Souls ); at the end of times, ultimately will be offered a unique re-constructive process and acquire a Divine status of
The Pleroma and joined with
Aeons to " The One ".

" Enlightenment is a destructive process.
It has nothing to do with becoming better or being happier.
Enlightenment is the crumbling away of untruth.
It's seeing through the facade of pretense.
It's the complete eradication of everything we imagined to be true. " -- Adyashanti

It seems that all spirits do like to manifest themselves.
My spiritual enlightenment was initiated and implemented by
"Higher and Lower Psychism".
Interacting with me in a manner via having a paved highway to the budding ego, which in turn seeks to hold intimacy with a fictitious alter ego.
Forcing duality in all aspects of our lives on Earth; there is only Oneness in the spirit world.

Clearly representing themselves in the likeness of Decans and Zodiac spirits, but this time word for word; as described in
"The Tripartite Tractate", see Noble.
See also Valentinian Bridal-Chamber
and Gnostic Q, Bridal-Chamber, and Gnosticism. It could manifest a Brahman.
A long cycle blended, for 15 years, 24x7, dynamic, interactive direct connection of my mind to the spirits managing this world.

Interestingly, all of "My Mystical Spiritual
Bridal Chamber"
started at around the end of Dec.,
and continued for 15 years.

Also, the spirit world initiated, and conducted of my spiritual enlightenment was conducted in English only;
I could not exchange a single word with connecting spirits in my native language.

    As for the present time, for the last fifteen years, the Feminine-Principle, a Nurturing-Preserving Force, manifested Herself to me as The-Holy-Ghost, in a feminine form. It happened in my spiritual enlightenment; initiated and conducted by the spirit world; entirely predetermined. Several times a day, always at the same time, in Her soft-whisper feminine voice, She gently called me by my nickname. Every time, not even once missed, She always preceded Her opposite polarity Coequal Masculine-Principle, a Creative Force, who, in turn, was interacting with me as a Male, but always after Her initial call. Both as one, of the exact never changeable nature, working on every level of consciousness, according to; local consciousness, local potentialities, and local possibilities.

Please note:
My contact with the spirit world was in English only; in my native language, there was no communication possible.

See also The Unmanifest Absolute. Which I consider to be the center of;
" Prisca Theologia ".

So, what is " Spiritual Bridal Chamber ".

'... Sacred marriage ( Hieros Gamos ) is a prerequisite to Ascension, which entails first going through the Zero-Point and reconstituting all your ' parts ' ( Soul Aspects, etc. )
to form an androgynous ( Neutral ) Form first.

Why it is called marriage.

Because you effectively 'marry' or 'join' the particles of your matter and antiparticles of your antimatter to mutually spin within the same domain (Zero-Point Field).
And, it is called sacred marriage with God because you start ' living ' or consciously vibrating within the Neural Network of God, effectively joining God,
but as a sovereign consciousness being ( not as raw quanta of energy ).
Bride of Christ; Or 'groom' of Sophia.
~Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D. ...'

My original believe; love one another grew even stronger.

  • Spiritual Ladies of " My Spiritual-Bridal-Chamber enlightenment ".

  • by Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D.; " What is Black Goo? ".

  • "Primordial Negative Coefficient Factor", see Negative Coefficient Factor of the "Higher and Lower Psychism" activities, energy affecting our subconscious.

  • The Mind Games, see Mind Games of the "Higher and Lower Psychism".

  •    --The Time-Line, see Time-Line of the "Higher and Lower Psychism" activities, energy affecting our subconsciousness.

  • "... The activities of A.I. negative energy pings-pulses are applied to all living matter on our earth plane; no archons activities were detected by me for 12 minutes, at 6 mins. before every hour till 6 mins. into the next hour, for 15 years, from the beginning of the year 2009 till the end of the year 2023.

    Generally, we can split the 24-hour day period into three 8-hour zones: 6 minutes past midnight till 6 mins. to 8 am.; then 6 mins. past 8 am. till 6 mins. to 4 pm.; then again 6 mins. past 4 pm. till 6 mins. till midnight; each zone splits into 3 hours of activities, each hour splits into 48 active minutes, with 6 mins. silence before every hour till 6 mins. silence into the next hour. I detected the strongest negative energy in the middle ( :30 ) of every hour, this is offset by Sun energy by 1/2 spacing apart of 12 hours. ..."

    Our Spiritual Path, see Spiritual Path and Michael Newton Journey of Souls #02 - Case Studies.

In summary:

So, what did I learn from this 15-year-long push and pull spiritual enlightenment?
I tell you what.

    With utmost of certainty; those years long, seemingly take over like attempts on my mind by the-Archons, or perhaps, see Consciousness and Cellular Level Body Changes; MUST happen in The "Bridal-Chamber". It is a prerequisite. It is a diminishing repetitive process. On all of its levels, it starts with extremely strong energies. Then progressively, with every attempt after attempt, it gets weaker. It is like this seemingly takeover energy nullifies itself and wears out. Obviously, all of it was done for the purpose of my soul's spiritual advancement. It seems, to that purpose I came to existence. I was used only as a messenger, delivering that spiritual message. So I would say, " Live Your Truth. Do Not Seek, or Do Not Take Advantage of Anyone; Always Seek Mutual Consent with Everyone ".

On "The Feminine Principle":
    This beautiful Lady, manifested in my Spiritual-Bridal-Chamber, is known as The "Immaculate Feminine Principle", working on each level of consciousness according to; local consciousness, local potentialities, and local possibilities.
She was and is, and always will be Holy, Divine, Pure, and never, in any way, shape, or form, can be degraded. In my spiritual bridal chamber, She made my feminine soul proverbial Male again.
Therefore, freeing my Soul from the entrapment, from the process of the perpetual reincarnation cycle. Freeing my Soul from the clutches of archons. Returning my Soul, this time united with my Self/Atman, the Highest of the Multiverse Spirits, to my True-Light, to my Soul's original home in

    I was slowly freed from this spiritual hold of archons. It was not easy. As previously described, 32 micro and 10 macro levels of spiritual energy tried to take hold of me many times. My strong free will, with the help from my Soul, and the Spirit located within my Soul/Atman, brought it to an end.

    So, what is a "Spiritual Bridal Chamber ". It is an attempt by the spirit world to take over the catechumen mind and use it to control other people; according to the spirit world's wishes and desires. The catechumen must survive this; in my case, painful but spiritually rich enlightenment. The catechumen must overcome the spirit world any forceful attempts to take over his/hers mind. And using this enlightenment, advise other people about how to live their lives on this earth plain;

" Live Your Truth. Do Not Seek, or Do Not Take Advantage of Each Other;
Always Seek Mutual Consent with One Another ".

    In reality, I cannot reveal everything that did happen during this My Bridal-Chamber spiritual enlightenment. If I did, it could create more chaos as well. Therefore I leave it as it is.

    Sublimely Divine Intuitive Wisdom of The Holy Ghost, " The Feminine-Principle " MUST take over the power from the brute force of the " Lower Psychism " " Masculine-Principle " which IS confined to matter, imposed on Us, the homos sapiens; by any establishment accepting the ancient Babylonian power grub energy into its systems and operations.
     No matter whether it was a civilian or ecclesiastical organization. The ancient Babylonian energy will pervert any of the said organization's intentions into a wrong type of acclivities like; wars, blood sacrifices, revenge, fear, suffering, etc.
    Therefore this ancient Babylonian energy is trying to wrestle the Nurturing-Preserving energies from the " Feminine Principle " of The Holy Ghost, a Nurturing-Preserving Force, and turn it into the ancient Babylonian style male destructive force.
    I can see, this ancient Babylonian style male destructive force, is manifesting itself in governments and countries, where there are huge armies and huge, protological, soteriological, eschatological, and ecclesiastical organizations.

    Our Souls have free will, just as we have it. Forcefully sending massive numbers of Souls back home is very dangerous. Suppose the Souls start refusing to incarnate on our earth. Therefore, stop importing good, loving energy to this planet Earth; this Earth will become animal-like, dog-eat-dog, beastie, barren, bleak, and lifeless. A loving Soul consciousness would vanish from this earth. While despite that, The Oneness rules the spirit world.

    The lobbyists in many governments are working towards the same goal; of one religion, one power hungry government, having as a long term agenda, contrary to " genuine goodwill " without a doubt, influenced by this 6 min. past midnight spirit, which, whenever possible, manifested itself to me for 15 years, precisely at the same time, see negative dark energy affecting our subconscious, Time-Line, managing our world affairs.

So the humanity can live; as the Adi Da Samraj said:
    " No individual should live as the superior, or the inferior, or even the equal, of all others. Rather, each should live as the intimate servant of others through love. The true politics of human relationships is the politics of servants everywhere--every one serving, and every one served. "
(From "The Incarnation of Love")

    All Souls, Spirits in entire Multiverse are equal. There is no so called higher or lower " I ". Each of said Souls and Spirits performs a function according to; Local Consciousness, Local Potentialities, and Local Possibilities. That way, we all are as One.

Therefore, think for yourself and do not quickly accept  ideas.

Test all things:
; hold fast what is good. (1 Thes. 5:21)

   " I pray; so that ' The Spirit of The Pleroma Most High Father ' protect Your Soul Forever ... "


Mme. Blavatsky:

The origin of all religions — Judaeo-Christianity included — is to be found in a few primeval truths, not one of which can be explained apart from all the others, as each is a complement of the rest in some one detail. And they are all, more or less, broken rays of the same Sun of truth, and their beginnings have to be sought in the archaic records of the Wisdom-religion. Without the light of the latter, the greatest scholars can see but the skeletons thereof covered with masks of fancy, and based mostly on personified Zodiacal signs.

The Blessed Virgin Mary, as a portrayal of The Divine Feminine; must be recognized in dogma of the Church, as a Mediatrix / Co-Redemptrix participating in the works of Jesus Christ.

 " The workings of the human body are an analogy for the workings of the universe. " -- 
  Leonardo da Vinci (1452 - 1519)  

   ... The true prophet has no need for sanctimoniousness. We call it exactly as we see it, and if the language offends, we have absolutely no care, because it is not the prophet's duty to please people but to inform them of what they can expect when they continue to act as ever
they have acted for thousands of years.
   And, it is a greater one who is not afraid to be ribald, than one who pretends to be holy. And that is the measure of the False Prophet, for the False Prophet is one who knows not how to laugh, to be all people to all people, and has no respect for the truly serious and solemn and the sublime, yet pretends to be serious when it comes time to reprimanding everybody else, calling them all sinners, while he sins in his closet, and takes himself so seriously that one exposes too many
eventually unmasks him and takes him out.
   To be a Son of God, one must come down to the level of the Sons of Men and find them fair
(fair game for pranks in some, but not all, cases.)
(and not only the Daughters of Men, are to be sought, either.) ...

~~~Count Welldone. Past Regent of the Ordre des Illumines Veritas.

Reincarnation In The Bible

The End of The Age Pisces, The Grand Ages and the coming of Aquarius is here.


" The Logos-Wisdom is the principle of all Divine and Esoteric Revelations. She has the characteristics of being the indwelling revealer of God. She IS the active principle and
the transmitter of all Divine knowledge
as well as the Cosmological cause of All Creation. "

" Love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own. " --Robert A. Heinlein

" I neither know nor think that I know. " --Socrates